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  • Humidity:57%
Tell me about Goa

How to calculate local time..? GMT + Five and half hours

Always keep your passports, other travel documents and laptops in the safe. Please make sure to keep a photocopy of your essential documents seperately to safeguard yourself in case of theft.

Goa is well known for beaches so beach wear should be selected accordingly. It should provide you with maximum comfort. Cotton is the order of the tour.

If you are a foreign tourist visiting Goa the currency which you should carry is Indian Rupees. It is advisable to carry your ATM cards other than liquid money. Traveler's cheques are widely acceptable in Goa. Especially United States Dollar and British Sterling Pounds are recognized. Money change facilities are available in all government banks and approved exchanges. Please check at reception desk for more information.

Motor traffic circulation is on the left, and pedestrians should walk on the right. Foreign nationals must have an International Driving License and should keep all travel and other relevant documents at hand.

Be alert and carry some sun screen lotion or sun tan lotions. Works either way for most people!

Mosquito repellent ointments are available at supermarkets or small stores in Goa. However, if you wish, you may carry the ointment when travelling.

It is recommended that you carry a small torch.


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