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Tell me about Goa

Hmmm . . .! Goa or "India lite" as some call it, is renowned for its beautiful beaches, rolling green pastures, sunny skies, churches & temples - with the icing on the cake being, of course, the Goan people with their warm hospitality & honesty. When you touch the true Goan soil, an immediate sense of freedom & deep comfort engulfs you.

With over 400 years of Portuguese dominion, Goa is a fusion of Portuguese and Indian culture. The atmosphere is in sync with the country-side.

Goa being on the west coast of India is kissed by the warms waters of the Arabian Sea. The total land area of Goa is 3702 kms, with the coastline being approximately 105 kms. Languages spoken in the State are English, Konkani, Portuguese, Marathi and Hindi.

In addition to Goa’s sunny coast line, the State is blessed with two long running rivers – Mandovi and Zuari rivers. They give Goa its speciality of being a water rich and bountiful green state!

The capital of Goa is Panaji and approximately 30 minutes ride or drive from Vagator. This capital city is the modern hub of Goa, enriched with busy shopping arcades, streets, movie theatres and much more.

For more detailed information on Goa, please visit www.goacentral.com

And Goans….?

A well known characteristic of all Goans is their warm hospitality. Every Goan home is buzzing with rich aromas of gastronomic delights and busy conversations. The friendly and carefree attitude of the Goans is what makes Goa so special.

Exactly what beaches am I close to…?

Of course Vagator Beach: Vagator beach is divided into Big Vagator Beach and Small Vagator Beach. While Big Vagator Beach is a haven of silver sand, Small Vagator is a combination of silver sand and rocks that provide you seating to watch the sun set, fish a little, co-chi-co a little and dip your feet. Small Vagator also houses the famous carving of Buddha on the sea side rock. Close to Big Vagator beach is the famous Chapora Fort, built by the Portuguese as their defence line against the Indians. The Fort offers a spectacular view of Vagator beach, Chapora river (fishing hub) and on the other side of Chapora river, the rural Mandrem, Arambol beach belt. From Cochichos, both beaches are approximately 5 minutes away by motorvehicle and 15 minutes by foot! Some tourists enjoy walking through the rolling hills to Small Vagator Beach or through the village all the way to Big Vagator Beach.

Anjuna Beach: The golden sand belt of Vagator Beach, you can either go to the beach by motorcycle via Anjuna village or try the challenging rocky walk from Small Vagator beach! This beach was home to the first Flea Market in Goa, which continues till date. From Cochichos, the distance is approximately 10 minutes by motorvehicle and 30 minutes by foot!

Baga & Calangute Beaches: Again, along the same beach belt, these beaches are buzzing with tourists. During peak season, they promise you a buzz till morning! From Cochichos, the distance is approximatey 15-20 minutes by motorvehicle.

The beach belt continues along Candolim and Sinquerim beach and finally tapers into Mandovi river. Overlooking this river is Fort Aguada in Candolim, which has a spectacular view….

Ashvem & Arambol beaches: Vagator is conveniently located to have the best of all beaches...! Whilst we have the Calangute beach belt on one side, there is also the beautiful, less crowded beach belt of Ashvem & Arambol. After you cross the Siolim River, you reach the silver heaven of Ashvem & Arambol beaches. The distance from Vagator is approximately 45 minutes. This beach belt holds spectacular and less crowded beaches, finally tapering to Thirakkol Fort which calls for an exciting ferry crossing!


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